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He Was Overburdened With Sadness and Shock, but Managed to Recover. “Food Is My Medicine.”

Geronimo’s Story

At almost 80 years old, Geronimo is going through one of the hardest chapters of his life. He lost his wife ten years ago, just five years after he retired. He never expected life to become even more difficult. He received tragic news over and over in 2020. Many of his close friends and family succumbed to COVID. Losing so many, Geronimo was devastated. He ended up getting the virus himself and thought he wasn’t going to make it through. Even though he was overburdened with sadness and shock, he managed to recover.

Geronimo suffers from diabetes and is watchful of the foods he puts into his body. He’s never smoked, drank, or used drugs. To him, food is his medicine. “A body is like a car,” he said, “When it gets old, it gets worn out; but if you take good care of it, it will last longer.” For seniors like Geronimo who need a special diet, getting the right foods on a fixed income can be very challenging.

Through St. Mary’s Food Bank, he enrolled into the Commodity Senior Food Program (CSFP), which provides seniors with a low income with nutritious food. He is so appreciative to receive all the healthy items given to him: milk, oats, rice, beans, canned protein, canned fruits and vegetables, and cheese.

“There is no stress when you have food,” he said.

Because of you and your wonderful support, Geronimo gets the fuel he needs to make it through another day.
“I hope there is fresh fruit in the box,” said Prisilia. “My son loves pears and oranges.”

There is hope out there for our neighbors battling hunger — and it is you. Thank you for opening up your heart and showing compassion to our neighbors during their most vulnerable time of need.

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