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Without You, Gladys’ Grandkids Might Go Hungry

When her modest paycheck couldn’t be stretched any further, this grandmother turned to St. Mary’s for help…

Gladys loves being a grandmother and loves raising her two teenage grandchildren. But navigating inflation and these tough economic times on her sole income definitely comes with challenges. Though she’s old enough to retire, financially, she can’t so she works as a clerk at a gas station to make ends meet.


Unfortunately, her paycheck doesn’t go far and there often isn’t enough money left for food. Thankfully, because friends like you care, she’s found help and hope at St. Mary’s Food Bank.

“I’m not picky, I like everything I’m given.” the grateful grandma said. “Having this food is a blessing because it provides such great nutrition.”

Gladys’ story is common. Today, 1 in 4 children across Arizona face food insecurity and St. Mary’s Food Bank is seeing a record number of people coming to us who have never needed the food bank before. Your support ensures struggling families receive critical food and hope.

The Help You Give is Impactful

Through your partnership with St. Mary’s, you’re providing more than food. You’re reaching people like Gladys with the care and dignity they deserve. “Everyone is courteous and treats me with respect,” she said. “That means a lot when you’ve hit a low point in your life.”

Every day, thousands of people rely on St. Mary’s Food Bank and you to help them get through tough times. Thank you!

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