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I Feel Strongly About Donating to Local Organizations

For years, I’ve donated to several food banks, local soup kitchens and other charitable organizations that provide food, shelter, and other vital services to those less fortunate and in need. I was born, and lived in CT most of my life. Though I’ve had property in Scottsdale for many years, it was only recently that I became a full time resident. At that point I wanted to donate to worthy Arizona organizations. I think I first became aware of St. Mary’s from TV and then did further research via the internet. Though I donate to some organizations that are national or international, I feel strongly about donating directly to local orgs that provide services to our local communities. Diversity and inclusion practices are also very important to me, and it appears that St. Mary’s does not discriminate. will continue to support St. Mary’s! Thank you and all involved, for your compassion and dedication in providing your very vital services! All my best wishes for a New Year filled with Peace, Love, Comfort and Joy…and of course Food to those in need!


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