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Bianca Gets Relief

Bianca’s Story

The high cost of food and climbing rent prices are impacting everyone but it’s hitting the vulnerable the hardest. Bianca’s story is one we often hear at St. Mary’s Food Bank.

During Covid, job loss led to getting evicted from their apartment. They moved in with their mother-in-law and slowly started to rebuild a modest saving’s account. Back on their feet, they’re trying to find housing, but two things are preventing that. First, skyrocketing rents are limiting their options. Also, due to the eviction last year, their applications are being denied and they are losing their non-refundable application fees, hundreds of dollars each time.

Bianca is relying on St. Mary’s right now to provide for her son. The food she receives enables her to maintain her tight budget, as she works hard to find stability in her life. “It’s a big relief not having to worry about food, especially with the prices going up,” she said.

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