Arizona Charitable Tax Credit

Donate to St. Mary’s Food Bank and receive a dollar-for-dollar tax credit through your Arizona tax return, up to $470 (single) or $938 (married, filing jointly).

Giving Back Feels Good

When you give, you support our goal to feed those in need in our community. Plus, you can get tax benefits. Every gift makes a big difference!

Donating to St. Mary’s Food Bank gets you a Tax Credit on your Arizona state Taxes – this differs from a Tax Deduction and has many benefits.

Tax Deduction

Tax Credit

Deductions that help in reducing overall taxable income.

Reduces your tax liability by offsetting taxes owed.

Can be itemized but most take a standard deduction.

Every $1 contributed usually reduces taxes owed by $1.

Adjusted before application of the tax rate.

Adjusted after tax due is ascertained.

The more money you make, the more valuable a deduction.

Some credits are refundable and can increase a tax refund.

Demystifying the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit

Demystifying the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit

Only four states have enacted charitable tax credits to stimulate giving to charities, and Arizona is one of them. This is a unique opportunity for residents to support local nonprofits and receive a dollar-for-dollar tax credit. Taking advantage of the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit, you are actually directing how and where your taxes are spent. This makes charitable giving beneficial for both you and St. Mary’s.

Qualifying Charities

Charities must be certified by the Arizona Department of Revenue as a Qualifying Charitable Organization (QCO). St. Mary’s Food Bank’s QCO number is 20208. 
There are five different Arizona Tax Credits, each with specific maximum credit amounts (listed below). You are not limited to participating in just one Credit. Donate any dollar amount to St. Mary’s and take the maximum credit allowed by the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit.



Married, Filing Jointly

Arizona Charitable Tax Credit

Up to $470

Up to $938

Public Schools Credit

Up to $200

Up to $400

Private School Tuition Credits

Up to $731

Up to $1,459

Foster Care Charitable Credit

Up to $587

Up to $1,173

Military Family Relief Fund (MFRF)

Up to $200

Up to $400

Eligibility Criteria for Donors and How to Claim the Tax Credit

  1. Donate any amount to St. Mary’s Food Bank by April 15 of the following tax year.
  2. Keep receipts or other documentation for tax purposes.
  3. File your state tax return using Form 140 (Arizona Resident Personal Income Tax Return).
  4. Up to $470 (single) or $938 (married, filing jointly) of your donation amount can be credited against your Arizona state tax liability, reducing the amount you owe or potentially providing a refund.

Please check with your qualified tax advisor as it relates to your specific situation.

Frequently Asked Tax Credit Questions

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You can contribute and get your tax credit in a few easy steps. We’ll send a confirmation of your donation for your records and tax purposes. Donate today and amplify your impact!