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“St. Mary’s Makes Life Easier.”

Bob and Darlene

“St. Mary’s Food Bank Makes Life Easier.”

Bob and Darlene are both retired professionals. Before they met, he was a contractor and she worked in human resources. But a few unexpected setbacks can hurt anyone. Neither thought they would end up living in low-income housing in downtown Phoenix. Nor could they have ever imagined needing the help of a food bank.

“I was alone. Meeting him was such a blessing,” Darlene said. “This is the best relationship we have ever been in and we look out for each other.”

The proximity of the St. Mary’s Food Bank mobile pantry in the parking lot at the YMCA just across the street from their building is convenient since they don’t have a car and are both wheelchair bound.

“If you can save a couple of bucks, every little bit helps relieve stress,” Bob said. “I am a diabetic and really need to eat heathy foods like fresh produce and they are so expensive. When we come to St. Mary’s, we not only get fruits and vegetables, but we get staple items that save us money.”

Bob loves cooking for Darlene. “And I love eating his food,” Darlene said with a smile.

“We don’t expect anything, and we appreciate everything,” the couple said. “We only take what we need, but it all makes life so much easier. We can’t say thank you enough.”

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