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Bringing Healthy Meals to Kids

Brianna’s Story

“There isn’t Always Enough Money Left for Food.”

A single mom of two young boys, Brianna had no choice when COVID-19 closed the schools and daycare centers.

“There was no one I could turn to,” she said. “We just had to hang on together.”

She had to quit her job because there was no work-from-home option. She didn’t want the kids to fall behind in school and she needed help keeping them fed.

“You try to monitor portions, but two little boys are eating all the time,” she said. “The money I had was going to other things. There isn’t enough left for food.”

Brianna said two visits a month to St. Mary’s makes up what she couldn’t afford to buy. The rest comes from clipping coupons and stretching what little money is left.

“I try to take only what I need because I know others are in the same spot,” she said. “The boys love when mom cooks for them. The bananas are a big favorite when we get them, it’s the first thing to go.”

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