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Esther is Staying Healthy and Well-Fed

Esther’s Story

Without You, Esther Would be Missing Meals and Losing Weight

Your support ensured she could stay healthy and well-fed …

When she was younger and stronger, Esther worked as a caregiver and even brought her clients to St. Mary’s for help on occasion. In those days, she was married and living a secure life.

“It never occurred to me back then that I would eventually be the one who needed help,” she said.

While she had many good years, there came a time when her husband passed away and she could no longer work. Then, Esther’s life began to look very different. “I would run out of food,” she said. “Sometimes I would call my daughter for help, but I don’t like to be a burden. So I was missing more and more meals, and I started losing weight.”

Life-Changing Senior Food Boxes

St. Mary’s Food Bank helps low-income seniors by providing them with special boxes filled with nutritionally balanced food, including meat and pasta, vegetables, fruit, dairy, and other essentials. Thanks to your generosity, Esther is just one of many thousands of seniors who’ve received these vital resources.

“The senior food boxes have helped me a lot,” Esther added. “I’m still walking and I’m healthy. I think the food I get here has a lot to do with it.”

Indeed it does — and your support makes it possible. Thank you for giving from your heart to ensure at-risk seniors like Esther don’t go hungry.

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