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The Family Dinner Table is Where Life Happens and This Helps

Jerry’s Story

Hear Jerry talk about the importance of the family meal, and how the food he receives from St. Mary’s Food Bank helps.

“The family dinner table is where life really happens – and this helps. Thank you.” – Jerry

Food and Family Time

Jerry is a loving grandpa and recently retired. He lives on Luke Air Force base with his son-in-law (who is actively serving), his daughter, and all six of his grandkids. Only receiving social security, he said living on his own would be a challenge: “Living alone was hard on me and living on a military budget was hard for them. Combined, it’s better.”

The family has a fixed budget to spend every month and they are barely keeping up with inflation. Jerry started coming to St. Mary’s Food Bank to help fill the gaps.

“A few years ago, I could be a little more loose with shopping,” he said. “Now you get to a point where you’re scrutinizing everything. It’s unfortunate that’s the way it is but this program really helps supplement and fill in gaps.”

Because of you, Jerry received a variety of healthy foods. “Any extra meats when you’re in an economy like this really helps,” he said. “We really appreciate that.”

Thank you for helping neighbors like Jerry. Through the gift of food, your compassion keeps families together even through the toughest of times.

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