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Making It Through

Since her husband died in 2011 — on Father’s Day — Vicki has had a hard time. They had been married for 43 years, and Vicki, now 80, still grieves the loss as if it was yesterday. “We had so much fun together,” she said. “We would ride around, go to Pinnacle Peak. It was good.” “Life without him has been tough. It’s a lonely world without a spouse or a friend. I don’t like it. I wake up and wonder, What am I going to do today? But you have to keep on going.” It’s not just the loneliness. Since she’s been a widow, finances have been tight. She gets about $1,200 a month in Social Security but, after she pays her bills, there’s only about $100 left. Plus $15 a month in food stamps. Fifteen dollars! “It doesn’t go very far,” she said. That’s why Vicki is so grateful for St. Mary’s . . . and your support. “I’m thankful for the food bank,” she said. “I appreciate what they do. It helps me to make ends meet.” Your kindness and support make all the difference for seniors like Vicki.

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