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Grateful For Kindness and Respect in Times of Hardship

Margaret’s Story

Food Shoudn’t Be a Hardship.

Sparked by her passion for education and her love of learning, Margaret became a teacher. Life was on track, but was derailed by a serious car accident that changed everything overnight. Unable to continue working full-time, she spent the rest of her career as a substitute teacher. Finally, in 2013, she made the tough decision to retire, even though she was barely making ends meet.

Margaret lives alone in a low-income senior center that receives food from St. Mary’s Food Bank. She qualifies for both the Commodity Supplemental Food Program (CSFP) and our Homebound Delivery Program.

CSFP is a government program designed to help at-risk seniors receive nutritious food that they may not be able to afford on their own. The food box comes with nonperishable items such as canned fruits and vegetables, beans, rice, protein and pasta. It also includes a block of cheese.

St. Mary’s Homebound Delivery program began as a way to provide food to senior citizens who were unable to leave their homes. Prior to COVID, nearly 1,200 seniors received food through this delivery program. With the support of friends like you, the program has grown to more than 3,400 deliveries per month and is now offered to anyone unable to leave their home.

When Margaret was more mobile, she would visit one of our distribution centers in Phoenix. “It was very big, and the people are very friendly. I was originally surprised by how much food I received,” she said. “Oh and the cheese, I love the cheese. Sometimes I make a grilled cheese sandwich and sometimes I eat it straight, it is so very good.”

Margaret recently went to the doctor but suffered from heat stroke on her way home and was hospitalized. She is fearful of going out in the heat which makes our Homebound Delivery program even more vital to her. She looks forward to her delivery every month. “My driver comes the first Thursday of every month,” she said excitedly. “I look so forward to seeing him and receiving the food, that I mark it on my calendar every month!”

“Life is so much better with St. Mary’s Food Bank. Sometimes it’s hard to admit you need help, but you need to forget your pride and take care of yourself. There is help available from St. Mary’s. Food for us seniors shouldn’t be a hardship, even if we are (and she whispers, and spells) P-O-O-R.”

She adds with sincere gratitude, “I also want to thank everyone that works at St. Mary’s Food Bank, especially the Homebound delivery drivers. They are so kind and respectful. THANK YOU!”

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