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Medicine or Meals?

Thanks to You, Hungry Neighbors No Longer Have to Choose

Viola has an adventurer’s heart. She has always loved to travel and wishes her age and a few medical conditions didn’t limit her mobility so much these days. Even more restricting is Viola’s very meager fixed income. Having to choose between paying for healthy food and necessities like utilities and her prescribed medications make very day a struggle.

But she doesn’t let that dampen her spry demeanor and positive attitude, “I raised seven children. We didn’t have much, but we got by and they all grew up healthy. But now, I need a little help to get by.”

Thanks to friends like you, Viola can get that help at St. Mary’s. She is always so thankful for the food she relies on to get by each month. The produce is of particular interest to her because she knows how important nutritious, balanced meals are for her health.

Of course, Viola doesn’t mind when treats show up in her food box on occasion. Seeing a small package of sweets tucked in among the fresh lettuce, apples, eggs, and bread in her basket recently, she scooped them up and proudly exclaimed, “I’m taking this feast back to my apartment!”

Thank you for your generosity to St. Mary’s. Through your compassionate giving, neighbors like Viola no longer have to choose between medicine and meals.

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