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Mike & Denise Don’t Have to Worry

Mike & Denise

Thanks to You, Mike and Denise Don’t Have to Worry About Going Hungry

When Mike and Denise retired recently, they were looking forward to a little rest and relaxation. After all, they’d worked hard all their lives and were ready for some down-time. What they didn’t anticipate was today’s crippling inflation and soaring prices for basics like food, which has made it increasingly difficult to make ends meet on their social security. That’s why they’re so grateful for the food they receive here at St. Mary’s Food Bank.

“Our income is pretty marginal, so the food we receive from St. Mary’s allows us to eat better than we would otherwise and to have better nutrition,” Mike said. “There’s more protein available to us because of the Food Bank,” Denise added.

St. Mary’s Food Bank is seeing a rise in requests for help from retired senior citizens.

One way Mike and Denise are giving back for the help they receive is to take food back to some of their hungry neighbors. “We live in an area that’s full of people who are older, so whatever we can do to support each other we try very hard to do,” the couple said. “That’s why we’re here. St. Mary’s helps us with our food, but then we also can help others who can’t get out to the Food Bank.”

Mike and Denise are filled with gratitude for the outpouring support from caring people like you and want you to know that if not for your generosity, “many people would be in a very, very bad situation.”

Thank you for your continued support for the sake of hungry neighbors in these tough times!

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