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Her Hand Shook as She Signed Her Name To Receive a Food Box

Prisilia’s Story

Prisilia inched up as the line moved forward. Never having been to a food bank before, she nervously followed the crowd. Like many of our clients, Prisilia lost her only source of income and was pushed into the depths of poverty. She suffers from heart problems and damaged nerves. Though she tried her best to control it, her hand shook as she signed her name to pick up an emergency food box.

When her illness began to slow her productivity at work, her employer laid her off. Unable to qualify for disability or unemployment benefits, her bank account drained quickly and has been struggling for months to find work. Not knowing what tomorrow will bring, she worries how she will keep her seven-year-old son, Austin, fed.

Her sister sent her a picture of a flyer from St. Mary’s Food Bank. For the first time in a long time, she was able to see comfort from a distance.

She exhaled in relief, “Standing here waiting definitely provides me with hope to put food on my table this week. I was not sure about being able to buy food after I paid my bills this month.”

“I hope there is fresh fruit in the box,” said Prisilia. “My son loves pears and oranges.”

There is hope out there for our neighbors battling hunger — and it is you. Thank you for opening up your heart and showing compassion to our neighbors during their most vulnerable time of need.

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