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Providing Hope

Northern Arizona food pantry works with St. Mary’s to provide hope

Arizona is a large state and St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance has a distribution area that covers 81,000 square miles or two-thirds of the state. In order to accomplish this huge task in Northern Arizona, we work with 80 partner agencies who distribute the food we deliver to them.

Bobby and Judy Keene manage the Food Pantry at Mohave Valley United Methodist Church in Fort Mohave. The Pantry serves about 9,200 people each year, including all the families that visit.

Judy explained that the food from St. Mary’s keeps her pantry well stocked. But if she ever needs a special item to round out her food boxes, she simply asks her congregation. In addition to all the wonderful commodities from St. Mary’s, her congregation of 500 to 600 is always willing to bring in extra food.

“Either myself, or Pastor Gene will just make a quick announcement to the group at the end of services and say, ‘We really need a lot of cereal to make sure we can give out breakfast with all our boxes this week!’” she said. “And the next Sunday, almost every member will bring in a box or more!”

In addition to being great donors, the congregation also keeps the Pantry running. The Pantry receives over 10,000 volunteer hours every year! It is amazing donors, volunteers, and community organizers like Bobby, Judy and Pastor Gene that make our mission to alleviate hunger in ALL of Arizona possible! Thank you for going the extra mile to provide more than food. By being a community that cares, you’re providing HOPE!

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