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You Helped a Veteran in Need

Rolf’s Story

Rolf is a US Air Force veteran. After leaving the Air Force, he landed a job as an industrial designer. He worked hard and lived his life to the fullest. Then his health began to decline. He was diagnosed with diabetes and had both legs amputated. Rolf is unable to work and lives off disability benefits. He now has 8% of his vision left, but he tries to stay positive.

Rolf said, “People who are 100% blind would give almost anything for just 8% vision, so I consider myself okay.”

He never would have imagined he would end up in desperate need for help. He was also recently diagnosed with kidney failure. He wholeheartedly wants to thank the St. Mary’s Food Bank donors. “If it weren’t for St. Mary’s, I think I would literally be begging on the streets for help,” said Rolf.

He thinks he would not eat – or eat every meal – if it weren’t for the food from St. Mary’s. Rolf loves to receive food that is easy to prepare like peanut butter and jelly and is grateful for the fresh fruits and vegetables. His brother helps him as much as he can, but that is all he has for family. Rolf is so thankful for not only the nourishment from the food but also the people supporting St. Mary’s Food Bank.

Every Meal Rolf

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