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Two Strokes Changed Everything

When Two Strokes Changed Everything, a Grandmother Needs a Hand

“It’s such a relief when we run short of money!”

There are five people in Cathy’s family. She and her husband moved back to Phoenix five years ago. They were excited to be here to welcome their last grandchild’s birth. Then life started to get hard. Cathy suffered two strokes and is unable to work. She recalled, “The strokes were almost back-to-back; the first one I recovered almost completely. The second one affected my right side. Before these strokes happened, I was able to work with my sister at her daycare.” Although her husband works full-time, it can be a challenge to make ends meet every month. The grocery budget is the first item to be cut from their expenses. Rent, utilities, and medical expenses have been a priority for several years now. Cathy’s family needed help to make ends meet every month. They have turned to St. Mary’s Food Bank’s Mobile Pantry program when needed. Through their church, they get location and dates of our Mobile Pantry. “When we need it, we can get fresh fruits and vegetables, milk, eggs, canned goods from St. Mary’s. It’s such a relief when we run short of money!” “I’d like to tell all of St. Mary’s donors thank you! You don’t have to send in your gifts. I appreciate all the donations. Without the donations, a lot of families wouldn’t be able to make it month to month,” she said. Thank you for sharing your story with us at the launch of Walmart’s Fight Hunger. Spark Change campaign Cathy!

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