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You are a blessing

Stephanie has lived a hard life raising her sons as a single mother. When the boys were younger, Stephanie was forced into homelessness and had to utilize shelters to keep her family off the streets.

They have transitioned from shelters to low-income housing and their budget is still razor thin at times. Even though they are in a better place now, the stress has taken a toll on her children.

Some of the stuff we went through traumatized my boys. They just didn’t understand because they were so little. We were forced to live where people were so mean. I grew up on the rough streets and I know what it is about, but their little minds didn’t understand.

Since she has spent her entire life in Phoenix, Stephanie has known about St. Mary’s Food Bank for years and she turns to us when she needs help to keep food on the table.

“My boys are constantly hungry. They are still growing and I can’t afford to buy all the food they need. So St. Mary’s Food Bank comes through when we need help. Knowing that they are here for us, is amazing.”

Family meals are most important to Stephanie. She said, “Food always brings us together. Just smelling it brings up old memories of a better life. I want my kids to know that wholesome feeling of home. Having that extra food on the table makes us a closer family. We do not have to separate at meal time and go somewhere else to find food.”

Stephanie hopes that kind friends like you realize just how much your support means to her and other struggling families.

“I think it’s important to support St. Mary’s Food Bank because, without your support, they could not help families like us. I just hope you know that people who come in here to get food are thankful. They come here with different life stories. The food they get from St. Mary’s puts something good on their tables and makes everyone feel better. We are so thankful. You are a blessing!”

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