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You can never give up

How your generosity is restoring hope.

Thomas never thought he’d end up digging through restaurant trash for food, but after a three-story fall left him with a broken back, he was jobless, homeless, sleeping wherever he could and surviving on restaurant cast offs.

“I felt like all meaning of life was lost. When you’re homeless, you stop caring about yourself.”

Thankfully, people like you care! For the first time in years, he is looking forward to the holidays with renewed purpose. And here’s why . . .

After making his way to Phoenix recently, Thomas enrolled in St. Mary’s Food Bank Community Kitchen program, supported by compassionate friends like you. As he sharpens his skills in the kitchen, he’s looking forward to eventually getting a job in the food industry, buying a car, and finding a permanent place to live.

“I started to wonder how many more times I could pick myself up…but you can never give up.”

Thank YOU, for never giving up in our fight against hunger.

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