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Your Generosity Puts Daniel at Ease

Daniel’s always been a fighter. He’s a proud man — a disabled veteran who served his country courageously in Vietnam. In civilian life, he worked construction for 42 years. Along the way, Daniel’s health problems mounted. His legs are heavy with years of wear and tear. He suffers from COPD, a serious lung condition.

In spite of it all, Daniel carries on the best he can. These days, he reports to a St. Mary’s Mobile Pantry for much-needed food.

My medical bills have been very high,” Daniel said. “I can’t work or do things the way I used to. So I’ve been coming to this Mobile Pantry for about a year.

That’s what St. Mary’s Food Bank and our Mobile Pantries are here for — to serve people like Daniel who can no longer serve themselves. Even the toughest among us need a little help sometimes.

Thank you for giving Daniel the strength and nourishment to go on. Here are his words of encouragement, meant especially for you:

“Please support St. Mary’s Food Bank because so many people in this region are hungry. If it wasn’t for your help, I don’t know what these people would do.”

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