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Your Helping Hand Saved Maurien

Blessed with a solid work ethic and a heart for others, Maurien made for a perfect nursing assistant. She raised a family and took care of her ailing mother, father, and fiancé as each battled cancer. One by one, she lost them all.

The grief took a toll on 59-year-old Maurien, but she kept her head down. “It’s simple,” she said. “You help others and you work until you can’t work anymore,’’ added Maurien. Maurien continued working long days and nights at the hospital, a caregiver right to her very core. After years of hard work, debilitating arthritis in Maurien’s spine, shoulder, and knees slowed her down. She can’t stand or sit for very long, and so she reluctantly left her lifelong passion for nursing behind.

Though Maurien receives a meager retirement and disability check, it’s barely enough to cover her modest rent and utility costs — let alone food for the month. Worse, she recently found out about a looming $20-a month rent hike. That’s why she turned to St. Mary’s Food Bank and you for “a helping hand.”

When you’re poor,” Maurien said, “some people look at you differently and don’t want to help. Here, it’s the opposite. The workers and volunteers are so kind.

Your compassion and goodwill keep Maurien going despite her many challenges. Thank you for providing her with the food she needs to make it through. “Pride doesn’t fill an empty stomach,” Maurien said. Your generosity certainly does.

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