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In My Husbands Memory


My husband grew up pretty poor and remembers having to “repurpose” bread from a factory here to help feed the family, and the kindness of a bakery owner who would give him donuts and let him help himself to the chocolate frosting (in a big bowl that he would dig up as much frosting as he could onto the donut!) Needless to say, donuts were always his favorite food. (There’s a joke in the family about driving into a strip mall to get pizza and he yelled “Duncan Donuts!” None of us had seen it)! I met him later in life and one of the things that most attracted me to him was his generosity, he never met a person he wouldn’t help, believing that it was better to help even if it wasn’t needed rather than not help when it was. He has been gone 4 years and is still missed so much by everyone that knew him. We both visited the food bank the first year we were looking for a way to help in the community, and donated in our name as well as our children & grandchildren. Everyone was so nice! That has been years and we became regular donors, something I try to maintain. Sometimes I remember to include his and family members names, but donating online I have lazily just entered my name. I believe we made a donation in his name when he passed, but that time is kind of hazy so don’t remember for sure. I do have to mention that it is due to him that I now have the money to help out – I’m extremely grateful that I can and that St. Mary’s is doing such marvelous work. The holidays are times when I send more knowing how busy and important it is for you. Thanks for all the great work St. Mary’s does! Sue Fowler

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